Couples Counselling in Bristol

Harmony  Couples Therapy is a service for Couples Counselling in Bristol.

When your relationship is not as harmonious as you would like, couples counselling can really help.

When it feels like you’re at a stalemate rather than being soulmates, some support can make a big difference.  It can take courage to seek support and yet couples counselling offers an opening to more harmonious and loving relating.

What is the difference between couples counselling and couples therapy in Bristol?

Couples counselling tends to be shorter term than couples therapy, often around 12 weekly sessions, but this can be from as little as 6 sessions. It focuses more on the present and immediate issues you are facing and how to improve these. The past can be drawn on to illuminate the present, but the focus is on the present, e.g. looking at communication issues around day to day concerns and using specific techniques to help.

Couples therapy is usually longer term, often longer than 12 weekly sessions, and for as long as needed. The focus is more on looking at the root cause of particular issues and understanding patterns of behaviour.

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What I can help you with

I am trained and experienced in both couples counselling and couples therapy. Depending on what you are wanting support with, I adapt my method to suit your particular needs. When you are wanting and needing to focus more on the present situation, then I will offer a couples counselling approach. When there is a need and a willingness to look more in depth to find the root of an underlying issue, I can support you with this using a couples therapy approach.

I can support you with a whole range of issues that can arise in intimate relationship, such as:

  • Difficult communication
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual dissatisfaction
  • Problems around different values
  • Conflict about money
  • Challenges with family and children
  • Rekindling that loving spark
  • Enhancing intimacy, both emotional and physical.

How I can support you

I appreciate that relationship difficulties can cause distress. With my empathic listening, compassion and real interest in  supporting your relationship, I can support you to explore personal issues in a safe and respectful way.

I bring my wealth of experience as a couples counsellor and couples therapist, my specialized trainings and expertise to help you find your way through relationship challenges.

Listening sensitively and non-judgmentally to your experience within a confidential space, I can help you both feel deeply heard and understood.

Whether your focus is on a present situation or a long standing issue, I adapt my range of skills and ways of working to suit your particular needs.

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Is it for us?

I have experience of working with couples from a range of sexual orientations, ages, ethnic backgrounds, spiritual and religious beliefs and with disability. I welcome working with all couples who are interested in working with me and together we see from an initial consultation, whether I am the right couples counsellor for you.

About the sessions

Cost for 50 minutes

Initial session £35

Other sessions £70

Initial session

We would set up an initial session to see if I am the right couples counsellor for you.

Moving forward together

After this, we can arrange either a short series of sessions e.g 6 or a longer series, depending on what will work best for you.

These are generally weekly at the same time each week.

Contact me

If you’re looking for Couples Counselling in Bristol and you’d like to see if I am the right couples counsellor for you, please contact me to see how I can help you.