Online Couples Counselling and Couples Therapy

I have plenty of experience with online couples counselling and couples therapy, even before covid, and I am qualified for working online. Many couples are now preferring online sessions for the freedom in not having to travel and for other benefits such sessions enable.  All sessions are currently on line.

Harmony Couple Therapy in Bristol with Helen Mason

The video conferencing platform being used for these sessions is Zoom, which is free to download.

Will it work if we are in different places?

Yes, this is a positive benefit that online couples counselling and couples therapy sessions offer. You can each join the session from wherever you are and be able to see your partner, yourself and myself on screen.

Is it confidential?

Your privacy is of utmost importance. I have extra security features in place to ensure increased confidentiality for your sessions on Zoom. These are:

  1. Using the latest version of Zoom with the most up to date enhanced security.
  2. Generating a unique meeting number just for your session and also using a password.
  3. Using the waiting room function. So when you join your session, I can see when you have arrived and admit you when the session starts.
  4. Locking the session down once you have arrived (3 & 4 are like opening and closing the therapy room door).

For all other measures regarding confidentiality please see my privacy statement.

How can we get the most from online Couples Counselling?

Here is some guidance to help you get the most from online couples counselling:

Time: Try to ‘arrive’ 10 minutes or so before the session and before pressing the link on Zoom and allow 10 minutes free time after the session. Travelling to sessions allows some reflective time before and after. In the absence of this it is really good to give a bit of time for reflection before and after sessions. Some reflective time before and after will really help you get the most out of your session.

Privacy: As far as possible be in a quiet space free from distractions. It is important that you are not overheard, nor your screen overlooked.

Technical breakdown: Try to ensure the equipment is fully charged before the session. If the wifi drops we will attempt twice to reconnect and if this fails switch to audio only.

Notifications: Switch off notifications on the phone or laptop to avoid distractions – visual and auditory.

Set Up: This works best on a computer screen, which gives a larger view, but can be used with a tablet, or even a smart phone if nothing else. To ensure I can see you both well it is best to have light coming from behind the screen.